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Our people, culture and values

Our Values

Passion is a commitment to continually achieving higher levels of performance. We deliver sector-leading products and services for customers and colleagues by ensuring they're at the heart of everything we do.

Pride is being the very best that you can be every day. We do the right thing for our customers and colleagues first time by demonstrating our pursuit of excellence

Creativity is being innovative to help us achieve excellence. We do things differently, are excited by new ideas and are brave enough to be the first.

Accountability is taking personal ownership for delivering actions and results. We 'own it' by taking responsibility for everything we do, without exception. It is more than just doing the job, it includes an obligation to make things better, solve problems & aim for excellence.


Our Culture

We focus on collaboration, flexibility and adaptability.

Our 'Employee Deal' offers our people a fantastic work-life mix in return for getting the job done. Everyone clearly understands what a good job is, feels adequately valued and rewarded, but is also accountable for delivery.