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Social responsibility

Our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility focuses on the environment, workplace, community and marketplace.


We will nurture a sustainable environment – through understanding and managing YHG’s impact on the environment, looking for new and sustainable ways to operate our business and supporting our customers to do the same. This includes educating our people to minimise the impact they have on the environment and using products and contractors who will minimise the impact that our built assets (existing and new) have on the environment.

We are already making progress on this area by developing "Better Ways of Working” and identifying opportunities within our employee reward scheme to reduce the impact on the environment (i.e. our bike salary sacrifice scheme).

We are also assessing our stock and identifying opportunities in existing and new build homes to install new energy technologies such as solar panels, voltage optimisation, air source heat pumps and LED lighting.  


We will continue to build an organisation that our people feel proud of – through recruiting, managing and developing our people in a responsible way and in a safe and rewarding environment. This includes ensuring our people have an opportunity to volunteer and support our chosen charities and develop our approach to people, rewards, health and wellbeing.

We are already making progress on this area, having developed thriving social committees which are providing positive opportunities for our people to develop their health and wellbeing through social events. We achieved IIIP Gold status in April 2014 and our support package includes family friendly policies, healthcare for all and other flexible rewards tailored to individual needs.


To continue to build sustainable communities through our investment in community regeneration and provision of tenancy sustainability services. 

In order to calculate the social value of our projects, we have worked with the Housing Association Charitable Trust (HACT) to develop the social value bank, the largest set of social values derived using a consistent methodology. 


We will work with our partners to secure social value and manage our supply chain in an ethical and sustainable way. We will do this by developing a consistent approach to social value that encourages our partners to contribute to the Group’s aims, and work in partnership to attract inward investment, maximise our impact and grow our business.

We are already making progress on this area by working with our construction and maintenance partners to leverage additional social value from our contracts and frameworks around the creation of local jobs and training opportunities.