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Young People's Housing

We provide a number of services and dedicated accommodation designed specifically for young people, aged between 16 and 25 years old.

We provide friendly, welcoming and non-judgmental places for young people to live for a set period of time. We encourage young people to succeed, introduce life skills and encourage them to take responsibility for achieving their goals.

What is a Foyer?
Foyers provide secure supported housing to young people aged between 16-25. Each Foyer has, on average, 30-40 beds, though some are much bigger and some smaller. Some are independent, and others are owned by housing associations, like us! What links all foyers is their commitment to the Foyer model and Advantaged Thinking. You can find out more at The Foyer Federation.

How can I get a place?
To live in one of our Foyers, you must agree to a learning contract in return for your accommodation. We will encourage you to succeed, help you to learn key life-skills and encourage you to get an education, training and find work.

During your stay you must demonstrate that you are serious in achieving your aspirations by following the scheme’s learning programme or your own agreed learning programme.

All four of our Foyers have a communal lounge, chill-out areas, learning spaces, a virtual gym, an IT suite and a garden. To find out more, please contact them directly, using the details in the side/bottom box on this page.